Knowledge is crucial to your business. We know it.

Get information about people, places and things — in the world, and in your business. All at your fingertips.

We go further than launching links and websites. You can get instant knowledge through the Epibar, whether it's biographic or demographic with Epi General Knowledge, or important facts in your organisation with Epi Business Knowledge.

The difference with Epi Knowledge is speed and versatility. Work at the speed of thought — we return facts and actionable intelligence as you type. Knowledge works for you in your business and gives you the answers you need to hand.

General Knowledge

The Epibar is your universal textbox to navigation, knowledge and action.

Enter fact-finding queries and questions and we'll instantly return what we know. Currently supporting over 1.3 million queries across people, places, films and shows.

Business Knowledge

Those things you keep having to ask someone for, or are endlessly looking up in your team documentation — these metatasks consume your work time and are harming your productivity. They can form a sizable part of your job. But it's not your job, and we want to help you and your team focus on core work activities.

Introducing Epi Business Knowledge. Your common facts, hard-to-find information and long-lost knowledge — made readily available to see in the Epibar universal launcher.

This realtime knowledge is useful for new joiners and team veterans alike; we all have things that we need to look up. The Epi advantage means you don't need to think about where to search, you can use the universal command palette and launch to everything.

To activate your knowledge, we can ingest from fact files, knowledge repositories, wikis, databases and bespoke systems. We can integrate with your cloud services and internal systems to bring siloed information to the surface. Our knowledge platform enriches data into launchable facts so they can be queried by anyone.

The knowledge engine is scalable and configurable to your requirements. You can optimise the queries so that you can use shortcodes and queries specific to your team and business.

Reveal the knowledge in the systems you use, and unleash its power in Epi.

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