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Focus on your core product and latest MVP. We'll help secure your workforce.

Running a startup is hard. Defending against phishing and malware may not be your highest priority, but being hit by an attack is deeply damaging to your data, company and reputation. You may have set-and-forget antivirus and firewall systems in place, but this often isn't enough in the face of emergent and targeted attacks. Phishing is the #1 form of cybercrime and dedicated systems are needed to respond.

Working with your startup, our service can be as lightweight and nimble as you are. We can put your systems and users in our high security trustnet, which only allows globally trusted websites, along with the internal sites you use day to day. You can observe our managed dashboards and reporting tools to determine your trust position and threat vectors.

We will work with you to get you set up and running smoothly, and continue to support you throughout our service to you. We are dedicated to answering your queries, taking requests and resolving issues that arise.

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