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Your business serves a wide range of customers and is run by a large teams of people. Making sure your workforce is safe is not a trivial task, it’s an ongoing process with continuous improvement. Enterprises like yours are a highly desirable target for malicious actors, who can use indiscriminate phishing campaigns against your workforce or highly targeted and sophisticated spear phishing against executives and leaders.

Phishing is the most widespread cyberattack targeting enterprises, and is the most common entry point into ransomware and business email compromise. You already use a suite of technical controls, policies and training to stem the flow of malicious attacks. But malicious actors still get through the weak points and existing defences can’t keep up with the constantly rising tide of phishing. Often, training is used to try to pick up the slack in technical controls, but current training is often sub-standard, not real-world, and not relevant, because malicious actors use effective social engineering techniques and convince people to send credentials. Your staff can’t be left with the ultimate responsibility. We need better technical controls to ensure safety.

Epi offers bespoke trust integrations tailored for your workflows and fit for your workforce. Our cloud-native trust solution is available in your own single-tenancy cloud environment, with the supporting infrastructure scaling to your needs on demand. We offer live logging and monitoring of web requests tied to their trust status so you can see in realtime and play back the sites being visited and whether they are trusted. For your workforce, realtime trust visbility and blocking is available in our deployable browser extension, and we can integrate across your network with your DNS, firewall and web proxy.

When you choose our platform, you gain access to our trustnet, our global index of trusted and official websites. The trustnet actively protects you and your workforce by making sure any untrusted sites are warned against or outright blocked. We scale to your requirements with our orgnet offering. The orgnet is your custom organisational trust network which includes the internal sites, services and documents used in your workforce. Everything requested by users has to be in the trustnet or orgnet in order to be permitted. Through the powerful combination of the trustnet and orgnet, you are highly protected against sophisticated and emergent threats targeting your staff and business.

Not just protection — productivity

Our trust solutions go hand in hand with enterprise search and knowledge management.

Your enterprise has more data and more data silos today than ever before. But your employees are are struggling to keep up. Even routine tasks are now impeded by information discovery issues: “Where’s that server again?”, “Where’s that report?”, “Where are my new team’s resources?“.

Your vital information assets should not be this difficult to find.

Yesterday’s solutions don’t cut it

Your employees are working around these problems with yesterday’s solutions…

Unwieldy Enterprise DNS

Teams sometimes create DNS records (like CNAMEs) for their resources under a subdomain they have been given. But this has its shortcomings.

DNS is an incomplete solution. Only some resources like servers can have DNS records.

Enterprise subdomains are unwieldy. You’ll be familiar with horrors like “thing.env.team.example.com”.

DNS is a top-down naming system. It doesn’t allow people to reference things in a way that’s natural to them.

Irrelevant Enterprise Search

Employees may use in-silo search functions (like wiki search) or an enterprise search appliance to find business records. But enterprise search rarely delivers the promised goods.

In-silo search is primitive. Most in-silo searches give reams of irrelevant results.

Search is not easy. It needs tuning by good specialist search engineers to work well.

Many offerings won’t suit your enterprise. Cross-silo search offerings do exist, but whether it’s the proprietary 3rd party cloud, or the premium price tag, they are rarely suitable for larger enterprises.

Limited Browser Bookmarks

When other solutions fail, employees resort to the humble browser bookmark. The problem is, bookmarks only work well on small scales.

Employees cannot share or reuse bookmarks. They can’t use the naming effort of others in their team, so they must reinvent and maintain their own bookmarks.

Switching teams means reinventing your bookmarks. Each team’s information architecture is different, so employees must reinvent their bookmarks each time they switch teams.

Bookmarks are confined to the browser. They aren’t easily available outside it.

How Epi can help you

Epi connects your employees to your enterprise’s accumulated knowledge, no matter which silo it’s in.

Find resources faster

Locate resources without waiting for a flaky enterprise wiki server to wake up. Find that report you’re meant to work on fast, not on the 4th page of search results.


Bringing new employees on to a team is hard, but Epi makes it easier. Just add the new employee to the team’s linkbase, and they can start finding the team’s resources.

Knowledge sharing inside teams

An Epi team linkbase accumulates precious contextual knowlege of what a team call its resources, and where they live. Team members can reuse each other’s naming efforts.

Knowledge sharing between teams

Knowledge sharing between different teams in an enterprise is hard, but Epi can help. Want to know where another team’s code repos or CI server are? Look at their linkbase.

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