Government &
Public Sector
Trust solutions for public services and critical infrastructure.

Novel cybersecurity defences for critical national security

Nothing matters more for your government than your people's safety — their livelihoods, their finances, and their lives.

Cybersecurity is increasingly moving into the national realm with more critical infrastructure available online and the stratospheric rise in nation-state attacks. The public expect to be able to complete transactions, conduct business and run their lives online; meanwhile, the attack surface is only getting ever wider, with threat vectors present in many places yet unknown.

We offer highly customisable solutions to enact real trust for your organisations and the wider public. Our cloud service can be used to check websites for safety, our extension can be deployed for live trust visibility, you can monitor the trust of websites visited, we can integrate with your DNS, firewall and web proxy, and we can deliver specialised solutions to your requirements.

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