Bespoke phishing awareness training for your staff.

Real-world phishing awareness training that challenges trust biases.

Think not stale decks with contrived phishing examples created in the lab, but real examples seen in the wild.

We offer workshops and sit-down sessions with leaders and staff, dealing with current phishing emails you've seen, and how to best deal with them in the future.

Technical and non-technical training, as needed

In the technocratic world that we increasingly live in, it's not easy for non digital natives, and it's not always straightforward for digital natives when their experiences don't match the burgeoning reality. Existing technology systems might not always cover it — there's always the human factor.

With our broad cross-cutting expertise supporting technical and non-technical users, we can serve all kinds of people, no matter their skills or background. Our training is delivered professionally and respectfully, adapted in realtime to the needs and understanding of the person.

We sit down with the user or users and work with them, getting them to ask questions — and the right questions — when they get an email or message. For instance, it's not always about the source of the message being authentic, it's about what it's asking you to do. It's about challenging what you've previously accepted in this rapidly changing tech-dominated world.

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