Working with you to make the most of the Epiarc, the consensus network for naming, links and knowledge.

Helping you to exploit the power of the Epiarc within your organisation and for your brand externally.

Created by the same people behind Epi, the Epiarc is the open network and system of protocols built on top of the Web. The Epiarc allows people and organisations to publish links and facts corresponding to the most appropriate names, so they can be recalled by others. The Epiarc builds consensus and trust over time through the natural agreement of others publishing similar links and facts.

The Epiarc is a layer of abstraction on the web. It allows you to refer to websites and resources without using or remembering their URL, but rather their name. Names are what are used every day in common speech, and the Epiarc exploits this. For example, it is generally agreed that when talking about BBC News, its website is https://bbc.co.uk/news.

The Epiarc protocols allow you to use its powers within your network, without needing to publish to the global Epiarc. The Epiarc is a network of networks, a web of webs, so it is as personal and private as you require.

The Epiarc within your organisation

We can help organise your links and information for your own private Epiarc network, or for publication. In making your resources compatible for the Epiarc, you enable Epiarc resolvers like Epi's launch engine to retrieve them in realtime, as users type.

The Epiarc for your website and brand

We can also help organise your public information for display on the Epiarc and therefore in Epi's public launch engine.

Working with the creators of Epi and the Epiarc, you'll get visionary expertise to take full advantage of the Epiarc.

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