Custom Integrations
Smart Shortcuts
Create dynamic shortcuts with custom prefixes launching links you specify like searches and jumplinks.
Custom Integrations

Smart Shortcuts is an app integration from Epi that helps you build custom jumplinks for the internal tools and infrastructure in your team and business.

With Smart Shortcuts, you can build your own powerful integration, visually, with no code required. You can drive dynamic user queries into immediate results. Specify what you'd like the query prefix to be, where you want to launch, and we'll take the query and integrate it into the destination.

Let's say you have a support intranet where you have numbered tickets, Epibar queries like "s#1000" can take the user straight to the ticket page, without opening the support portal or thinking where to go to search. Everyone uses the ticket number in common speech, so activate this knowledge and make it actionable from one place. That's the ticket.

Consider another example: you have a CRM driven by IDs — you use them in your team conversations, links and emails. A query in the Epibar like "cust60" could take you straight to customer #60 and "inv800" can open the invoice for order #800. Get to all your records faster with the Epi launcher.

Once you've created a shortcut, it will become available for everyone in your team to use in your universal launcher — the Epibar. When they're on the phone about a support ticket or they need to look up a customer, they can invoke Epi to give them the results.

You get actionable knowledge, driven by the query. All you need to do is type in the universal launcher and you get the result you need, without needing to end up opening many tools trying to find what you need. There is no need to comprehend complex query filters, logic and language; you're using ARIs and your natural language — the terms and keywords that make sense to you.

Work at the speed of thought, using the language that works for your business, not what other services dictate. Your knowledge is your domain — only you and your team truly understand it — so bring it to the fore, and make your knowledge launchable.